Socialize like you do in real life.

Break free from the stack of video boxes. Stop hopping in and out of breakout rooms.

Move around in a single space just like in real life. Have many spontaneous conversations within the same room. No need to jump calls. Instead, build real connections virtually.


234,154 minutes have been spent on Reslash so far this month. Here are some top brands using us.

and 892 others

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This isn't just a better zoom call. This is a completely new way to hangout, connect or work, virtually.

Until now, if you've a large crowd online, only a couple of people talk. Others listen on mute. Chat is still the preferred way to have side conversations. To fix this, you're sent into even more video calls. It's a mess. You can't move around freely or connect with people at your own pace.

With Reslash, you can have up to 100 people hangout in a single room. You can have unlimited number of rooms in a single space. As you move closer to someone, you can hear them. As you move away, they fade away. Multiple conversations happen at the same time, within the same space. Just like in real life.


Make it your own. Change backgrounds. Add gifs, images, videos. Don't hold back!

Reslash Personalize


Just zoom out to see where everyone is.


Have spontaneous conversations by just moving closer to someone you want to talk to.


Share multiple screens. Have YouTube watch parties. Brainstorm on a whiteboard.

Reslash Share

Move around freely. Talk to different people. Have multiple conversations. Within the same space.


Here are some of the ways you can Reslash

Reslash Virtual Office

Your new, swanky virtual office
200 seats | Unlimited SqFt

Reslash Classroom

Your virtual classroom
150 students | 10 spaces | Multi-screen share

Reslash Event

Your next event's destination

500 people | Unlimited hosts | Top-notch networking

Reslash Party

Your virtual party with friends

20 people | 10 Spaces | Unlimited SqFt

Great experience. At a simple price.

Small team looking to hangout and collaborate? Thinking of building your own swanky virtual office space? Planning to host your next event online? Building a highly engaged classroom? Or just want to chill with friends and family? We've plans that fit all kinds of use cases.

Get started for free.

Up to 10 people, 1 room, 60 minutes per day, 2 screen shares at a time, email support and a lot of fun!


No credit card required.


Re/ Hourly

You get access to all the features in the starter plan for 4-hours. Host your next hangout or birthday party on Reslash!

Starts at
/user for 4 hours


Re/ Daily

You get access to all the features in the starter plan for 24-hours. Works great for events and conferences.

Starts at
$3/user per day

Re/ Monthly

Unlimited monthly minutes, plus all the features in the starter plan. Build your virtual HQ, event space or university on Reslash.

Starts at
$7/user per month

Here's what you get in the
Reslash starter plan

  • Up to 100,000 users (100 per room)
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Unlimited rooms
  • YouTube Watch Party
  • 15 pre-defined templates
  • 4 simultaneous screen shares per room
  • Custom wallpapers
  • Megaphone
  • 24x7 email support
  • Advanced room permissions

Features on request

  • [Advanced] Priority phone, chat and email support
  • [Advanced] Custom sub-domain
  • [Advanced] 35 screen shares per room
  • [Advanced] Broadcast across rooms (coming soon)
  • [Pro] Custom branding
  • [Pro] Automated crowd management system (coming soon)
  • [Pro] Google Docs (coming soon)
  • [Pro] Whiteboarding (coming soon)r text in this area

Looking to setup something bigger or specific? We can scale to unlimited guests and spaces. Let's get on a call and discuss your specific requirements.

Talk to us


What is a Reslash Space?

A space is where you and your guests will hang out in Reslash. This space has multiple rooms. Each room is a virtual canvas or floor that you can customize, invite people to, and have a great time together :)

How many people can I invite in a single room?

You can invite up to 100 people in a single room. You can have unlimited number of rooms.

How big of an event or virtual office can I host on Reslash?

You can have unlimited number of people use Reslash at the same time. 10K, 100K, 1M - We can handle it all. Need help organizing or setting it up? Let us know!

What is a custom address?

If your company's name is Vlokit, you can have as your custom address.

What is the difference between participant and user?

For an event, a participant is counted again after 1 week interval. A user is counted once a month. So, if a participant attends 2 events in two weeks, his participant count will be 2, but user count will be 1. Participant-based works best for professional events.

How would you do 35 screen shares for a classroom?

If you have more than four screens within your field of view, you'll be able to see the screen share that you're hovering upon. If it is 4 or less, all four will play automatically. This makes it easy to get a glimpse into who's doing what. When you want to get down to it, you can zoom in and collaborate.

If you've anymore questions, please book a time slot on our Calendly.

About Us

Our Mission

To be world's first virtual estate company that reimagines how spaces are defined and interactions happen in the virtual-first world.

Who we are

Ashwin, Divyanshu and Akshay met at VWO where we were heading existing business, data science and analytics respectively. From the beginning of this year, we were managing 60+ remotely and knew how tough it is to build and manage relationships in the online space. Facing these issues for months, we finally decided to come together to start Reslash and rethink how social interactions look like in the virtual space.

Ashwin Reslash
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Ashwin Gupta

Founder and CEO

Ashwin is a product and growth expert with vast experience in creating successful products from the ground up and solving tough cross-functional business problems. In his last stint at VWO, world's leading experience optimization platform, Ashwin started his journey building new products for the business. He successfully launched Convertfly, a Messenger Marketing Platform, that was later merged into VWO Engage. He went on to lead Growth and Existing Business at VWO where he worked cross-functionally to optimize the post-sales process and have a strong impact on revenue retention.

At Reslash, Ashwin drives the vision of the company to be the virtual estate company of the 21st century.

Divyanshu Reslash

Divyanshu Kalra

Co-founder and CTO

Divyanshu is a data science expert who dreams in bayesian. In his waking hours, he spends time decoding math problems or finding weird memes to describe his mood for the day. In his previous role as a Senior Data Scientist at VWO, he was responsible for building and optimizing the Bayesian Engine. In one of his experiments, he improved processing speeds by 100x and saved $9k in monthly server costs.

At Reslash, he obsesses over the latest video compression technology, how to scale systems with the most efficient tech stack, and applying math to build the most real virtual spaces on the internet.

Akshay Reslash

Akshay Hangloo

Co-founder and COO

Akshay knows his way around numbers. As an ex-head of analytics at VWO, he built the analytics team from the ground up - setting up processes, integrating tools like Salesforce and Tableau, building incentive plans, bringing transparency into the customer lifecycle and helping company become data-informed than ever.

At Reslash, he's helping us be data-focused right from the get go. And it's not limited to the company. He's working relentlessly to empower our customers with data to understand behaviours and patterns of their interactions on Reslash.

Outside Reslash, you can catch him building tunes on his Akai MINI keyboard or beatboxing at some off-beat joint in Goa.